Anodic Printing

What is Anodic Printing

Anodic Printing (or otherwise known as Ano Printing or Ano marking) is a process of printing into the aluminium surface. providing a durable, scratch and solvent resistant finish. Used for products such as serial plates, labelling and VIN plates, this process is used on many types of machinery and vehicles, internal, external, and hardwearing environments.

We can also combine this process with our laser cutting service to offer high quality control panels cut to bespoke shapes.

How it works

Ink is printed directly into a sheet of open pored aluminium before the aluminium is sealed in a hot water bath at high temperature. This process seals the pores of the aluminium encapsulating the ink and providing a high quality and durable printed item.


Our anodic process is completed via a flatbed digital printer, allowing Brunel Engraving to provide full colour and photographical prints, a clear advantage over a screen-printing process as we do not require a screen for each colour setup.

Material Stock is 1mm ,1.5mm & 2mm as standard, other thicknesses are available on request.

Printing capabilities are up 650mm x 500mm



Brunel is the best choice; our engravers are highly skilled and can provide precisely what you require.