Engraving is the most durable and legible way of marking information. It involves removing a layer of surface material in order to permanently mark or indent numbers, text or images, typically on a metal, plastic or glass surface.  Engraving can be carried out to precise specifications on a whole host of different materials.


Brunel Engraving uses a combination of traditional and the most technologically advanced processes available today, from long established hand engraving and the use of manual pantographs to modern CNC Rotary Engraving, the use of milling and routing machines, CNC CO2, Fibre and Galvo laser engravers, sublimation, ink printing, chemical etching and digital print.




Bespoke engraving solutions are our speciality.  We can engrave materials designed to withstand high impacts and wet or highly corrosive environments and we can create precise cut outs or profile shapes in a wide range of sizes, thickness and finishes with a host of engraved colour options.


The most commonly used plastics for engraving are phenolic and impact acrylic laminates of different coloured layers which reveal a different colour layer beneath when the top layer is engraved away, allowing for clearly readable markings.  These laminates can be rigid or flexible and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Technologies