The applications for industrial engravings are limitless – signs, nameplates, labelling, panels, plates and components are just a few examples of the types of products used across a vast number of industries by a huge variety of different companies.

We work across many different industries with completely different focuses, supplying large multinational organisations to small privately owned concerns.   From simple engraving requirements to complicated control panels and machine plates with the increased use of colour and a requirement for print and etched plaques, we can provide a bespoke service to suit every different need.

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  • Aerospace Aerospace

    The UK aerospace industry is one of the largest national aerospace industries in the world, comprising many different companies and employing thousands of people. We are a leading engraver of free issue components to big names such as BAE Systems and Augusta Westland and also to smaller concerns like private aircraft and flying clubs.

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  • Nuclear Nuclear

    From the engraving of free issue stock, complex control panels to simple labels, we support many suppliers within the nuclear sector with their engraving requirement. Whether it’s dealing direct with companies such as EDF Energy or one of their many sub-contractors our products can be found in many of the UK’s power stations.

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  • Automotive Automotive

    The design, development and manufacture of motor vehicles is today one of the world’s most important economic sectors. We’re proud to supply custom plates, panels and other products to many motor manufacturers including prestige names such as Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Jaguar as well as specialist manufacturers and restorers.

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  • Rail Rail

    The railway system in Great Britain is the oldest railway system in the world and represents 200 years of engineering innovation and determination. We at Brunel Engraving are proud to be a part of this history. Working with Network Rail and its suppliers, Rolling Stock engineers such as Bombardier and Heritage Railways we supply the entire Rail Industry with everything from operational panels to labels and more.

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  • Oil & Gas Exploration, Production & Distribution Oil & Gas Exploration, Production & Distribution

    Onshore and offshore Oil & Gas Exploration is critical to worldwide power generation and is one of the most powerful industries in the world. Underwater and on land, our labelling, component marking and identification is used on Ninian Platforms in the North Sea and in refineries, with companies such as BP, Canadian Natural and GE Oil and Gas using our services.

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  • Electricity Generation & Distribution Electricity Generation & Distribution

    Everyone uses electricity and the electric power industry is vital to our modern world. Our control panels, labelling and valve tags are used by the National Grid, power stations, sub stations and distribution network operators throughout the country.

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  • Control Panel Manufacturing Control Panel Manufacturing

    Industrial control panels are used for a wide range of applications in many different industries including healthcare, retail and education. We offer bespoke control panels to large global technology companies such as Invensys and we also provide products including panel labels and mimic diagrams to small local panel manufacturers.

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  • Engineering Tool Making Engineering Tool Making

    Machine tools, cutting tools, gauges – the list of tools manufactured by the engineering and tool making industry is endless. Our valve tags, switch covers, labelling and blow mould tool markings are used widely by numerous manufacturers for many different products.

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  • Highways Highways

    On the high seas, under water and on the road. Brunel Engraving products are everywhere. We take to the highway with road markers, labels and control panels used by the Highways Agency, local councils and emergency services. And we supply many transport and outsourcing companies too, including Serco, E R Hemmings and Atkins.

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  • Lift Equipment & Manufacturing Lift Equipment & Manufacturing

    The lift industry supplies a wide range of lift solutions tailored to many different building requirements. We work with specialist manufacturers, providing engraved lift panels, labels and floor level identification to companies such as Otis, Stannah and Kone.

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  • Marine Marine

    From sailing boats to international freight shipping, the maritime industry covers a huge spectrum of industrial, commercial and leisure activities. Our mimic diagrams, control panels, nameplates, registration plates and internal signage are featured in super yachts, Royal Navy Ships, military vessels, and private boats across the world. From the Royal Navy to private individuals, we supply products to suit every engraving requirement.

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  • Water Utilities Water Utilities

    The modern water industry operates sophisticated water and sewage treatment plants, providing a vital service throughout the world. Services are largely operated by private companies and we serve many different organisations supplying mimic diagrams, control panels, signs, marker posts and labelling to companies such as North Midland Construction , Hydro and McNicholas.

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  • Agricultural Agricultural

    The durability of serial plates on agricultural machinery is highly important. We supply tough, hard wearing plates and labels perfect for use in the environment these machines are built for.

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  • Other Industries Other Industries

    Suppliers of all types of industrial labels to many other industries. Our products have been installed all over the UK and include warning labels, identification and serial plates, operational labels, valve tags & equipment labels. From Construction and Architectural to Pharmaceutical we are sure that we can provide a label to suit your requirements

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  • Audiovisual Audiovisual

    The Audiovisual industry is a multibillion-pound industry and we at Brunel Engraving work closely with the manufacturers of audiovisual products and services. Our customers include manufacturers of high end loudspeakers and amplifiers to corporations such as the BBC.We can supply the audiovisual indusry with control panels, UKCA data plates and labelling to fulfil all circumstances.

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