Engraving Materials

Engraving Materials



Engraving metals are traditionally supplied in sheet form, a description of our stock metal engraving sheets are below.
In addition to the stock sheets we can source specific material grades particular to the required application eg. aviation and marine industries.

Our modern equipment gives us the capability of engraving most metals supplied as free issue stock

Engraving Brass, also known as "Clock Brass", "Hard Compo" and "Leaded Brass" is a specific grade of brass which engraves easily and leaves a clean, sharp cut.

Etching Brass is not quite as soft and is also known as 'common brass' or 'yellow brass'. It has no lead so a bit harder to work but is a good colour.

BS EN 1652:1998 CW612N (CZ120) (CZ108)

Plain Mill Finish, Matt Finish, Satin Finish or Bright Polished & Polythene Coated

Name Plates, Lettering and Signs, Indentification and serial plates, Valve tags




Laminates and Plastics


Flexible and Rigid Laminates (commonly known as 'Traffolyte') typically consist of different coloured layers, so that engraving the top layer away reveals a different coloured layer beneath allowing for highly readable markings and very clean lines.
Engraving laminates are available in most colours, are immune to solvents and are heat resistant. A silver coloured engraving laminate may be used to look like anodised aluminium and stainless steel, a gold coloured engraving laminate may be used to look like engraving brass.
Engraving laminates are now available with Textured, Gloss, Matt, Satin, Stone and Wood finishes. These materials can be suitable for interior or exterior use.

Usually engraving is carried out on the top (front) surface and can only be one colour. In reverse engraving, a special laminate is used that is engraved on the back surface and then the engraved areas are filled with coloured fillers.

By using different coloured fillers many colours are possible. If desired a three dimensional effect can also be produced.

With reverse engraving the top (front) surface remains smooth and flat for easy wiping and cleaning. Reverse engraving was developed for use in the food industry where cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Reverse-engravable Impact Acrylic laminates are available for both interior and exterior use.

Gloss or Matt

Control Panels and Mimic Diagrams, General and Identification Labels, Serial Plates, Warning, Food Industry and Large Signage