Case Studies

Laser Engraved Tags

Client Name: FCC EnvironmentDate: December 2023
Brunel Industrial Engraving were approached by a large industrial client within the Waste Management industry.
Their Tagging Engineer required metal tags that needed to state the plant name, item name and identification number. The asset tags would be located in a very hot, dusty environment. Many of their current asset tags had failed within the environment, many broken and required replacement. Therefore, it was a must that their new asset tags needed to be durable as well as securely fixed to the items.
To allow the client to test the durability, Brunel Industrial Engraving sent of a selection of materials and samples for the client to test within the environment itself. After our client carried out their own testing the decision was made to move forward with a white aluminium which matched the existing colour specification whilst providing a much more durable tag than previous. 
Brunel Industrial Engraving supplied 2000 Asset Tags in an aluminium that had been powder coated in a white finish, laser engraved and finally infilled with black paint.  
We also aided the customer in supplying a specific bracket and coil fixings. The bracket was able to be fitted to horizontal and vertical pipes. This meant that the asset tag was always in a readable position. This allowed the client to fit the items to a selection of piping, all of which were various diameters without the need for the label to bend.
We were very happy with the result of this project and we're happy to hear that we will continue to provide asset tags for the client when required.
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