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Gulf Oil Marine Dye Sublimation Labels

Client Name: Gulf Oil MarineDate: July 2023
Introducing our latest work for Gulf Oil Marine. 
We produced over 10,000 labels for Gulf Oil Marine using the Dye Sublimation process. 
Dye Sublimation is a sub surface printing process that offers a durable label at very cost effective prices. It is used as an alternative to screen printing as colours can be easily achieved and are printed all at the same time. This reduces the requirement for a separate screen for each desired colour.
The process involves temperatures of over 200 degrees. The heating process transfers the ink into the surface of the metal to leave a scratch resistant finish, this offers a clear advantage to alternative surface printing processes.
These labels will be used on shipping vessels that travel all around the world, to help identify lubricants and oils on each vessel. They will be shipped internationally to many destinations such as Germany, Singapore, Korea and China. 
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