Chemical Etching Expansion & Benefits

At Brunel Engraving Company we are continuously striving to be the best at quality and efficiency for our customers.
We have recently expanded our Chemical Etching department with a £100,000 investment in new technology to meet your requirements.
Chemical Etching is designed to operate at maximum efficiency for higher volume production levels, allowing us to provide a high standard of service by delivering superior results over traditional metal engraving techniques. 
We can produce a smooth bur free finish and it also allows us to engrave different levels of detail. Larger quantities can be completed at very competitive prices.

How does the process work?

The chemical etching process works by printing a component design onto photoresist which is then laminated onto metal.  The areas of photoresist which have not been printed are removed, exposing the metal, which is subsequently etched away.  A chemical etching machine harnesses the corrosive reaction between the chemical and the material and heats the solution, spraying at high pressure.  The chemical spray dissolves the unprotected metal areas to etch the material for a smooth finish.


Our latest investment:

Our latest system have been expertly designed, assembled in a UK facility. Our equipment is designed to operate at maximum efficiency and for long term use at high volume production levels. These systems are renowned for their dependability and are the choice for many of the world's leading etching manufacturers and engravers.